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Project Ideas:

I would like to see an upgrade to Kiwanis park. It is routinely one of the most popular/busy parks for young families and it has outdated equipment.

Aharon | March 2021

The Route 71 Corridor is like a blank canvas. It should be carefully planned to represent tourism and lifestyle of Starved Rock Country. It should be done very tastefully and with commercial projects that will generate tax revenues, both real estate and sales taxes. It should be carefully laid out, rendered by artists, and then there should be a RFP process to engage with prospective developers who want to invest in the corridor. With Beautiful Dayton Bluffs Preserve as a backdrop to the West of Route 71, it would be extremely fruitful to see hotels, perhaps a well-designed high end campground, perhaps an RV dealership, restaurants, possibly a waterpark, and other businesses that enhance the brand and lifestyle of Ottawa and Starved Rock Country. Various Farm to Table or other venues, such as farm markets, would be a good fit. Hank’s Farm Restaurant fits well into that brand scheme, but there needs to be many new lifestyle businesses. Residential development could work well.

Tom | November 2020

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